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Malibu at
10 days 
Malibu at
9 weeks 
"I was not digging in the dirt!"
Malibu (left) with sister Carly
"swimming in her pool"
taking time to cool off
"Malibu" at 9 months proudly 
guarding her "treasure"
 of the day, a
cow scapula
July, 2004
"The Bu"
Malibu was the first born, and the largest puppy. She reminded me of a baby Orca, therefore, she is named after a beach in Southern California. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the privilege of sharing my life with.
Click on puppy to view Malibu's pedigree (same as Tonka's)
CEA/DNA normal
Optigen #: 06-9169
CL: Clear UNSW_ID BC1623
OFA Hips Good #BCO-6529G31F-PI
Elbows Normal #BCO-EL1064F31-PI
TNS: Clear UNSW_ID BC1623
CERF: Normal

DOB: 5-19-04